Quantum mechanics is really  something. A source of inspirations, questions, riddles, sudden plot twists and mental shivers. While studying quantum mechanics I come across mystique, I force yourself to forget lots of what I have learnt about physics in school, simultaneously crying for my poor mathematics skills. This space demands some effort, creativity and open mind – but in return it gives a touch of transcendence.

And I found atom enviroment somehow similiar to the whole space. With all their waves, oscillations, structures, shapes, orbits, ends and beginnings.

Once I took some strange pictures and I gave them titles connected with my imagination of quantum mechanics.

It`s not real, it`s just my phantasy.

So this coud be a pair of vibrant strings in strings theory:strunyl

And this – atomic orbitals with an electron cloud in the left:orbitale-1800l

This is how quantum entanglement may look like:splatanie-1800l

A planet with its moon? A nucleus and electron?
planeta 18002l

In the process of quantum teleportation a tunnel  (called “wormhole”) could come in handy:tunel-czasoprzestrzenny-1800l

The rain of quarks:deszcz-kwarkowl

Sprouting spores of light:kielkujace-zarodniki-swiatlal

The effect of hadrons collision: zderzenie-1800l

And this is how I see the origin of a black hole:powstawanie-czarnej-dziury-1800l